Linen Care instructions

Care of our polyester material products (tablecloth/overlays/chair covers/runner/sashes) are very easy. They can be washed in regular home washing machines and used over and over. Washing in cold water with a regular detergent will be the best method. Similar to regular clothing, remember to always wash with similar colors. Mixing dark/bright colors with whites is not recommended. Bleach can be used on WHITE tablecloths, but not recommend for COLORED tablecloths. Stains should be washed as soon as possible to avoid them locking in and becoming permanent. They can be used in dryer machines, however, it is recommend that they be removed while still warm. This is to minimize excessive wrinkles. They can then be ironed with low heat to get out any wrinkles that are left. They should then be folded and put away for storage.

For our other material products, such as flocking, organza, satin, crinkle, pintuck, flocking, a bit more care is recommended. Because of the delicate material they are made of, machine wash/dry is not recommended. Best to use hand wash, and hang dry when working with these delicate material.

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