In-Stock Linen Napkins for Hotels, Weddings, Catering Halls & More

Find your new Linen Napkin linen collection…at CRAZY LOW, WHOLESALE prices!

Dress up your table with linen napkins. Table Cloth Factory offers 3 sizes of linen napkins 11x11, 17x17 and 20x20 to complement your table linens. Our linen napkins are restaurant quality and made to last. Our tablecloth store has it all. We have a variety of different types of napkins such as cotton napkins, satin napkins, polyester napkins, taffeta crinkle napkins and flocking napkins. Our cloth napkins come standard with hemmed edges and can be folded into various styles.  Choose lovely Linen Napkins ready to ship to your door…at these crazy low prices!


  • Measures: 3 sizes available, 20'' x 20''  & 17" x 17" & 11 x 11

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