In-Stock 60” Spandex Round & Rectangle Tablecloths for Restaurants, Weddings, Banquets & More

Find your new Spandex Round table linen collection…at CRAZY LOW, WHOLESALE prices!

Fitted Spandex Tablecloths are made of practical, high quality fabric table linens that hug the shape of the table, giving your banquet or wedding an artistic, sculpted ambiance. Available in a 9 bold colors, our Spandex Tablecloths define a fresh, fitted look for your special occasion. Choose Spandex Tablecloths for your round & rectangular tables – and don’t forget to complete the look with Spandex cocktail table tablecloths as well. Must be handwashed. Check out our fabulous Spandex Tablecloth collection options…at these crazy low prices!


  • Material: High Quality Spandex
  • Seamless, 1 pc design.  This is spandex fabric; it will fit various size tables     
  • High quality fabric used for this item.
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