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Tablecloth Factory Company is proud to offer kitchen aprons, cooking aprons, and chef aprons. Cook in style with our beautifully designed, high quality fabric, kitchen aprons! Choose a cooking apron that accents your décor, or chose a custom apron that defines your cooking style.

Custom made chef aprons are a great way to accent your décor and cooking style while protecting your clothing from every day chef, kitchen and cooking spills. Our customized aprons will keep you clean and looking good as you cook, grill, paint or do just about anything else in the kitchen or studio.

We are proud to offer a full line of aprons, including customized aprons, pocket aprons, waitress aprons, bar aprons, BBQ aprons, uniform aprons, restaurant aprons, vintage aprons, hostess apron products, personalized aprons, kitchen aprons, cooking aprons, waist aprons, cobbler aprons and chef aprons. Our aprons are available in virtually all of our fabrics. Whether you are looking for white aprons, black aprons, or blue aprons, our dozens of colors, fabrics, and patterns are sure to suit your palate.

All of our Aprons can be custom made to your exact specifications. Our standard sizes include full (bib) aprons in 24" and 34" lengths and waist aprons that are 17" long. Aprons are available with or without pockets. Our aprons are available in many fabrics, colors and designs. Our aprons are easy to care for, and our aprons gift products are a great way to let your chef know you care!

We can accommodate apron orders of any size or quantity, and have ample experience in creating aprons for chef teams for restaurants, bars and catering businesses.
Uniforms, Chef , Bar, Waitress, Hostess, Waist, Pocket Aprons and More

We are experts in kitchen aprons, cooking aprons, chef aprons and in any apron you can think of, and would be happy to consult with you on how we can make the perfect apron for you, at an affordable price.

To learn more about our aprons or to place an order, please call us directly at 1-800-379-7237 or e-mail us at

You can see the fabric choices we offer by visiting our tablecloth fabric swatch page (Click To View).

Any fabric that we offer for table cloths, we offer for aprons.

Our years of experience in creating kitchen aprons, cooking aprons, and chef aprons, combined with our satisfied customer base, makes us provider of the world’s finest aprons.

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