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Table Cloth Factory is proud to offer custom coasters, wedding coasters, and fabric coaster products. Custom drink coasters and fabric coasters elegantly improve the look of a table and add stylish décor to any serving occasion, while preventing your table from damage, scratches. Spills and stains. Add beautiful dramatic effects to your dining room presentation with beautifully designed custom coasters.

We offer personalized wedding coasters, custom drink coaster products, fabric drink coasters, and custom beverage coasters. Holiday coasters are a perfect way to dress up your holiday while protecting your table.

Whether you are looking for square coasters, round coasters, or any unique shape coaster, we are happy to accommodate your need. Our custom coasters are available in many fabrics, designs and colors, and can be customized to fit your home style and décor.

We can accommodate coaster orders of any size or quantity, and have ample experience in creating coasters for chef teams for restaurants, bars and catering businesses.

Wedding, Fabric, Drink, Square, Beverage Coaster

Best of all, our tray stand covers are wholesale priced, so they are affordable and discounted.

To learn more about our fabric coasters or to place an order, please call us directly at 1-800-379-7237 or e-mail us at

You can see the fabric choices we offer by visiting our tablecloth fabric swatch page (Click To View).

Any fabric that we offer for table cloths, we offer for coasters.

Our fabric coaster products and wedding coasters are the finest custom coasters on the market, as they are made from the same high quality fabric we use to make our world renowned table cloths.

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