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Tablecloth Factory is proud to be a division of Table Pads Custom, a provider of fine dining table pads, dining room table pads, and custom table pads. There are dozens of table pads web sites but Table Pads Custom offers the best table pads at the lowest prices. Our table top protection technology is the top in the world. Visit Table Pads Custom at

We manufacture an assortment of protective table pads: kitchen table pads, conference table pads, dining room table pads, buffet table pads and table pads for all other tables. We offer the best pricing, the highest quality table pad products and accessories, and unparalleled service. Visit our Table Pad Website at for the best table pads, dining room table pads and conference table pads. Our protective table pads offer the highest protection because we use a fiberboard inner core, with 600 degree heat protection, a lifetime warranty and a patented magnetic locking system.

Custom Table Pads

The custom table pads that we manufacturer are made specifically for your table. Table pads are custom designed to your table dimensions so that they match the exact style and shape of your table’s top. Our custom table pads are not just an ordinary protective cover. Our custom table pads are made of one solid piece of fiberboard which will not bend or sag and is much lighter than conventional cardboard table pads.

The perils of everyday life threaten the surface of your treasured dining table. Any fine or simulated wood top can be easily damaged from setting down a sweating glass, to accidentally dropping an object. The only reliable and time tested method to protect your furniture investment is a custom made table pad. Not only will a table pad protect your table top, a table pad also acts as a cushion to absorb sound when dining.

By using a custom table pad you are ensuring the longevity of your table’s physical appearance. There is nothing worse than having a family heirloom table or a new table gets scratched by a set of car keys or something with an abrasive surface. Those scratches on your table will be a constant reminder of why it's important to protect one of the most important pieces of furniture that you own. There are too many ways to ruin your table. The best way to protect your table is by purchasing custom table pads from Table Pads Custom.

We sell protective table pads for dining room tables, kitchen tables, conference table, and buffet servers. We also sell dining table extenders to make your table bigger in order to accommodate more people at your table. Dining Table Extenders are very popular for Holidays such as Passover, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. Our table pad protection products are the best anywhere. Our table pads come with our magnetic locking system Magnaloc.

Advantages of our Magnetic Locking System MagnaLoc:

  • Eliminates pad separation and sliding
  • Unlike other fastening systems, the magnets are completely concealed, whether they are in use or not
  • Will not come loose, fall off, or break
  • Eliminates damage frequently caused by other locking devices
  • Saves time and energy (nothing to think about - nothing to do)
  • Fully functional up to 100 years

Every single table pad we manufacture is factory guaranteed. Our best table pad is unconditionally guaranteed for life. Table pads often outlive the table itself. It's rare to find genuine quality in a world where products are designed to fail, where they require periodic replacement. Such is not the case with our table pads.

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Table Pads Custom years of experience in fine dining table pads, dining room table pads, and custom table pads makes it provider of the world’s finest table pads for homes and offices around the globe.

To learn more about our table pads, visit our website at, call us directly at 1-800-379-7237, or e-mail us at

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